Donations & Fundraising! Glad you asked! Nothing gets done in this world without $money$ and this venture is no exception! For a non-commercial radio station like WWER there are several ways we can raise money, and you can help us! Here are some of them explained:

  • Face to face ask – It seems simple, but it can be key!  Build relationships. Make connections everywhere. Talk to people about the mission of the station and why it’s unique. If you do this, the money will follow, and so will volunteers, more opportunities, more exposure and therefore more relationships and more money.
  • Memberships – You’ve seen this before with NPR and PBS. Join us and become a member of the WWER family. Help support local radio. We hope to set up a mechanism for this on this web site in the near future!
  • Special Events – Promote the station with a booth at special events like the Osprey festival (see face to face above).  We have scheduled events for May 11 and June 1.  Pleaase volunteer to help us promote WWER at them!
  • Grant proposals writing – If you are experienced in this, we need YOU!
  • Underwriting – Underwriting is the contribution of some form of consideration in exchange for recognition in an on-air announcement. Usually that means money. We have to be careful that our underwriting announcements don’t cross the line into advertising. The FCC has strict rules about non-commercial stations and underwriting.  If you want to underwrite the station or know a person or business who does, we want to hear from you!  If you want to be our underwriting director – going out and getting donations from local businesses and organizations, please get in touch.

For now, if you or somebody you know would like to donate, the best way to do so is with the check.  Donors should make checks to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation and mail to PO Box 375, Colonial Beach VA 22443 and put “Radio” in the memo.

You can also donate via Payal by following these instructions:

Go directly to PayPal (vs. going through the foundation’s website).  Make a payment to
Where it says “Add a note”, put “Donation for Radio Station WWER”
This is the critical part!  The foundation will see the note (memo) and designate the funds accordingly.  


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