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When will you be on air?

“When will you be on air”?  That is one of the most frequent questions we hear.  It’s hard to set deadlines for yourself, especially when a lot of things depend on other people to happen, but deadlines are important.  Deadlines focus the minds of all involved as the date gets closer.  So, to focus our […]

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Stop by the Earth Day event!

I wasn’t sure if we were going to have enough people to do this, but we pulled the Easter Rabbit out of a hat and managed to get enough people as of yesterday!  If you have been wondering about what WWER will be about but did not attend the March 30 meeting, please feel free […]

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Our first press coverage.

We got our first press coverage from our meeting on March 30.  Funny thing was, I didn’t spot it myself but had it called to my attention by somebody in my building at work in DC!  You just never know where things will lead!  We’re going to need much more to get the word out […]

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We have a (temporary) home!

The Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce have graciously invited WWER to share a corner of their office for 6 months while we figure out where we will live on a more permanent basis!  Thanks for the free space! We are investigating a more permanent solution, but this will take the pressure off for our very […]

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Report to the Foundation

Last night, I made a presentation to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation (our parent organization) about our progress so far.  They seem as excited as some of you about the prospect of our little town having it’s own radio station, and want to help.  I explained to them what we have accomplished so far, what […]

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