Volunteer Opportunities

WWER MISSION Statement: To create programming that serves Colonial Beach in ways that commercial stations do not. Unique, local programs that promote the town and inform the residents.

We are not on the air yet, but hope to be soon.  What you hear at 88.1 now will change if we succeed.  We are asking for volunteers to help us bring this vision to life. We have many opportunities and all are welcome to contact us for further information.

WWER can be the ‘voice’ of Colonial Beach. There’s something about this place that endears it to us. Many of our residents are not from here, but have come here because they fell in love with it. Many are only here on weekends but would like to be full timers. That pride of place is something we can convey on the air. Our town holds a lot of fun activities, and we can help promote them.

We have a lot of interesting people with widely varied backgrounds – we can interview them. We have a lot of local artists and musicians. Rather than playing what you can hear on any other radio station (if we play music at all) we should spotlight our local talent.

If you would like to help, please provide your contact information in the form at the lower right of this page.

Our next volunteer opportunity will be April 20.  We need volunteers to man a booth to promote WWER from 1-4pm.  If you would like to help, please email us info@wwer.org.  There will also be opportunities on May 11 and June 1.


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