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Tuesday at 8PM we air our next interview with Duke Dodson to talk about his project.  This week we are joined by Eric Nelson of Coldwell Banker Elite Realty.  Eric will be very involved in the sale of the new Dodson properties.  Duke has made it clear that he wants to keep the charm and […]

Now that we’ve made it through Thanksgiving, it’s officially time to think about Christmas!  If you haven’t noticed already, we have started to sneak in some Holiday tunes into the music mix.  There will be more as we get closer to the day, along with some special shows.  Stay tuned to hear all of the […]

2020 has been one hell of a year….   or perhaps I should phrase that as a year of Hell.  It’s not over either, as COVID cases surge once again and new restrictions have gone into effect.  We’ve all been affected by events in multiple ways, most of them bad. But still, there are always things […]

On Nov. 13, Volunteer extraordinaire Sher Lee sat down with Duke Dodson to talk about his development project for Colonial Beach. Using questions submitted by Facebook users of the Colonial Beach Community group, Sher learned a bit more about what the Dodson group is planning. Tune in to Town Matters, Tuesday at 8PM to hear […]

Tune in tonight at 10PM for a Halloween treat!   First, it’s the War of the Worlds with Orson Welles. Then at 11, curl up for a scary bedtime story as WWER offers 3 Edgar Allen Poe tales. Spend your Halloween night with 88.1FM and starting at 10PM!

This Thursday at 7PM is your opportunity to catch up on big news in Colonial Beach.  We will broadcast the Town Council meeting held October 21.  This is a bit of a historic meeting for the town because it is the meeting where the council voted on the Dodson development deal.  If you missed the […]

Would you like to give a special gift to a friend or family member?  How about a special announcement for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation on WWER?   For $20 donation, we will wish a happy birthday, anniversary, or other special event on air on their special day.  We will make the announcement several times throughout […]

Do you like Bluegrass music?  At WWER, we are always thinking about how to make our station better and more interesting to listen to.  Recently, we were asked if we wanted to air a Bluegrass show.  I’ve never had a listener request Bluegrass music before, so I was unsure how such a program would be […]

Dear Listeners, As many of you already know, our Operations Manager Charlie Wilson passed away suddenly just over a month ago.  Since then, we have been thinking about how to honor Charlie and all the work he did for us.  To that end, here is what we have planned…   Starting tonight (Sunday) at 9PM […]

If you’ve tuned in for one of your favorite shows and not heard it, or heard a repeat show, we apologize.  The sudden death of Charlie Wilson has left us scrambling to fill all of the jobs he did.  Charlie not only took care of the care and feeding of our automation system, he also […]

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