Dr. Bill Butler

Dr. Bill Butler owned and operated the Columbia School of broadcasting for over 12 years, and has owned other related businesses throughout his varied career. The Columbia School of Broadcasting is the most acclaimed international broadcasting school. With over 26,000 alumni world-wide Columbia grew to international fame with integration in all aspect of the broadcasting industry. Columbia was sold to a graphics production company in 2012. Bill came to Colonial Beach to retire about 2 years ago, but he continues to stay busy with teaching and volunteering. Some of Bills past positions include:


CEO & Owner. CSB America. Inc.


Executive management in small business corporations including business ownership and business acquisition and sales. Due diligence investigation and analysis. Business operation analysis and image analysis. Branding and identity expert. Controlled international operational identity and ownership of Columbia School of Broadcasting which was sold in 2012.


Partner / Plank Owner. MORE Venture Partners


MORE Venture Partners was formed to develop and provide alternative finance options for the motion picture industry. The team developed a neural network analysis program to pre-assess opportunities based on movie development business plans. The partnership included a Top movie producer, a financial banking entrepreneur, a motion picture business plan developer and a media industry leader. Bad timing in the hedge fund industry froze any future development of the venture.


National Director for Advanced Technology Systems


Maintained a National presence at multiple sites including Mare Island Navy Base CA, Army Engineering at Huntsville AL, CDC Atlanta GA, US Coast Guard data center Martinsburg WV and the Pentagon, Crystal City VA. Managed the software projects at all sites for the corporation under competed federal contracts.

Current track