Open Roles – GET INVOLVED!

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send an email!


  • A webmaster to expand and fine tune our web site.  Our platform is WordPress.

News & Sports reporters

  • Gather information about town news – events, new businesses opening, changes in local laws or taxes, changes in town services, etc.
  • Attend and report on important events – Tory Smith park opening, town parades, etc.  Interview attendees and report on the event.  Collect sound bites where possible.
  • Report on decisions of the Town Council and Westmoreland County.  Get interviews where possible.
  • Anyone with a smart phone and reasonable technical savvy can be taught how to do this!

Porch Talk Host

  • Find interesting guests to interview for the show, record and edit the interviews.
  • It’s a very easy format that anyone can learn.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Coordinate volunteers and send them where they are needed. 

Grants proposal writer

  • There’s grant money out there that we could apply for.  We just need somebody who can navigate the bureaucracy!

New Show hosts –

We have several new shows in planning stages.  If any of these are of interest, please get in touch.  Other ideas are welcome too.  Please email us to learn more.  All shows go through a piloting process where the host prepares sample shows before a final decision is made about putting them on air.

  • “Talk of the Town” (working title) – A travel and tourism show about things to do in Colonial Beach and the Northern Neck.  Weekly, it would spotlight a particular event or location.  25 minutes.
  • “Town Matters”  – This weekly 25 minute show would be facilitated by a WWER on air personality interacting with members of town leadership including the Town Manager, Mayor and others as and when appropriate.
    • Provide details about town-related issues to the citizens — directly from town leadership –by asking questions about the topics of keen interest to the residents.
    • Enable town leadership another channel by which to communicate with the citizens
    • Strike the right balance between promoting town and addressing citizen questions and concerns head-on

    By Laws:

    WWER is operated under the Colonial Beach Community Foundation.  They would like us to ‘spin off’ and become an independent non-profit.  In order to do that, we have to set up our own governance structure and by-laws.  If you have experience or a desire to help with that, please get in touch.

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