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I worked directly in radio, TV and mainly audio engineering way back in a previous life, roughly from 1975-1983.  I was involved with our high school radio station, acquired a First Class Radiotelephone License in the summer of 1977, worked for several radio stations and was briefly chief engineer of WSLC/WSLQ in Roanoke Va, but moved into audio engineering and worked some interesting projects for local recording studios, several venues (e.g. The Lyric Theatre in Baltimore, Radio City Music Hall and other places).  I worked on a lot of audio machines (AMPEX, Scully, etc).  I worked on the audio chain for the very first CNN studios in DC (audio and video was very separated back then).  But then I exited the whole business quickly when I was offered a chance to take on patent research which I’ve been doing ever since.  I have an electrical engineering background and have worked for corporations and law firms all over the world.  I did do a little on-air stuff in the early days as a young man and am sure I can do a much better job now as a bonafide grownup.  I got into ham radio around 1990 (KD4RNG).
On the other hand, I’m a professional musician.  I’ve played music all over the country, mainly as a pianist specializing in all early forms of ragtime, early jazz, blues, and many other American music styles that occur well before the copyright cutoff date, which I believe right now is 1924.  I’ve played ragtime and early-jazz festivals all over the place.  I’ve recorded CDs and have done studio work for other musicians.  I’ve operated and directed a large 1920s style dance orchestra (i.e., The Hot Society Orchestra of Washington) and have sponsored dozens of events at the Spanish Ballroom.  I’ve played the Embassy circuit, mainly the Embassy of France, on numerous occasions.  I still throw together some small groups on-the-fly for work in DC.  
So I’ve done a lot of stuff and played in numerous styles.  Now I’m focused on smaller groups, playing either solo or with the CB Jazz Duo (me and Becky Hunt) or with the Potomac River Dixieland Trio (me, Becky & Joe Price).  I play with Bob Taylor from Nashville (old time country music).  I just ended five years playing with a rockabilly & blues group.  

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