WWER accepts requests for Public Service Announcements from non-profit groups to inform residents about events.  As a non-commercial station, we are bound by certain FCC rules related to making these announcements.  Please fill out this form and send to the email on the form at least 2 weeks in advance.


  • You must be a non-profit organization.
  • A PSA cannot be a solicitation for funds, or for volunteers to solicit funds.
  • You cannot mention prices of any kind.  If an event event is free, you can say “open to the public”.
  • All language must be ‘value neutral’.  We cannot say something is the ‘best’, or ‘delicious’ or any other adjective that is not a simple statement of fact.
  • You cannot include a ‘call to action’.  Anything that tells the listener to DO something…
    • ‘call 555-1234’
    • ‘get your tickets today’
    • ‘bring lawn chairs and blankets’

The above are all calls to action.  They can be reworded to not violate the rules easily:

    • ‘More information is available at 555-1234’
    • ‘Tickets are available now’
    • ‘Lawn chairs and blankets are welcomed’



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