Team Members


Ted has over 30 years experience as a radio professional.  Though Ted is a techie at heart, his early career included some on air work as well. Ted discovered the radio station opportunity for Colonial Beach in March of 2019.  Since that time, he has led the charge to make it a reality.  Read Ted's bio to learn more...


Tom is coordinating a program lineup with the goal of having something for everyone.  We already have commitments for Local News, Local Weather, and several locally produced music shows.  We are actively working on a number of other segments including Town Council Meetings, additional locally produced music shows, interviews, church services, book readings, and more.


Dave has worked in radio in the past and is currently a working musician.  He has great knowledge of early Jazz and ragtime.


Charlie is another radio geek with a significant resume in broadcasting.  He has done most every job you can name in radio, including owning a station in Casper, WY.  He has worked in Television as well for several big broadcasters, including Discovery, CBS and BBC (where he met Ted).  Today he works as a consultant for several organizations, and is volunteering his time to support WWER.


Marcia is reaching out to local businesses for donations to keep WWER going strong!


Dave has been a radio geek from age 15.  He has a BSEE & worked for VOA.


Nancy is helping us develop our new WATTS membership program to allow listeners to directly support WWER!

Dr. Caryn has already been instrumental in helping get WWER going.  She has been helping navigate the complex rules surrounding non-profit incorporation.

  Bill is investigating partnering with area schools.  As previous owner of the Columbia School of Broadcasting, he is well suited to the task!


Katrina has been promoting Colonial Beach on the web since 2009.  Now she brings her experience and enthusiasm to promoting WWER and the town!

Training, Underwriting, Membership and News Directors

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