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We're doing a new series of shows featuring Q&A sessions with the Mayor.  Submit your question for the mayor here!

Looking for a previous show?  Check our Town Matters Archive.

Town Matters is to help inform residents about issues they are concerned with from as close to the source as we can get.  If you’re on social media, and that includes most of us, you know that it is full of people talking about issues and events around town.  It is rife with opinions what is wrong with the way things were done… and it is full of mis-information.  Like any form of gossip or retelling of stories, sometimes facts get misconstrued or completely changed.  Our goal here is to find out the real story of what’s going on, by talking to the town elected officials and hired employees directly.  And sometimes, to quote the venerable Paul Harvey, to get “the rest of the story”.

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