Community Heart & Soul Event

Monroe Bay Winery and Moose Lodge, Virginia 22443, USA

Event info

Colonial Beach Community Heart & Soul


Ticket price includes buffet by Denson’s,

non-alcoholic beverages, wine, and cider.

Oyster Bar, crabcake slider, burger slider, chicken salad cups, grilled and raw vegetables, skewers of fruit & cheese and caprese, brownies and lemon pound cake.

We believe that the strength of the community

 lies in the hands and the hearts

 of the people who live there,

and that the community’s heart and soul

is the common cause that they will rally around.


Community Heart & Soul reconnects people

with what they love most about their town and

 translates those personal and emotional connections

 into a blueprint for future community decisions.

Colonial Beach Community Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for Colonial Beach Community Heart & Soul.

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