Let there be light

Written by on February 15, 2024

The title for this week’s studio update is about light.  Our new window has been installed, letting daylight in.  Inside, our new lights have been installed and wired so we have light at night.  The walls and ceiling have also been painted, so it’s really starting to look like a welcoming space for our volunteers to work!



Donations to pay for all of this continue, with another $850 coming in to bring us to our new total $6430.

Want to hear more about our studio plans, and WWER in general?  Tune in for a special edition of Talk of the Town.  This week Rick Wood turns the tables on me where I become the guest and he is the host, asking me questions about WWER and our new studio.

  • Thursday 8PM
  • Saturday 9AM

Also new this week, we have another Perfect Hour from Tracy Rumohr.  This is Tracy’s fourth show of favorites.  She has expressed great interest in doing her own show on a regular basis, but until we get our studio built, she will have to be content with these guest shows.  You can hear Tracy’s music

  • Thursday at 11PM
  • Saturday 11AM


If you want to contribute to the studio fund, you can donate in whatever way is most convenient to you.  Remember that credit cards and services like GoFundMe and Paypal take a piece of the action.  A mailed check means we get all of the money you are donating.

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  1. Dom Salemi   On   April 4, 2024 at 9:07 am

    Congratulations on seeing this all through. Had we any idea that a radio station was to be built in Colonial Beach, not only would we have aided you financially in getting the station off and running, we would never have moved from the area! Best, Dom and Charlene Salemi

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