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Written by on June 17, 2024

Our Open House on Friday was a great success!  We showed off our new studio to a lot of people, got some volunteers interested, and collected more donations!  It was such fun to see everyone and show off the studio.  There are so many people to thank for helping to make the event a success.  I’ll start with the businesses and individuals who donated prizes for our raffle and silent auction.  The ones with links are also WWER Underwriters:

  • Hawthorn Mercantile
  • Beach Paws Boutique
  • CB Brewing
  • Lenny’s
  • Los Hermanos Cantina
  • Willey’s
  • Circa 1892
  • Alberta Maschal & David Lorms
  • Pam Tolson
  • Riverview Inn
  • Risdon Photography
  • Joyce Reid
  • Jennifer Sullivan & Michele Mehrling
  • David Robrecht

We could not have pulled this off without our volunteers, starting with Sam Triandos and Donna Ryan who organized the event.  A special thanks to CB Brewing for partnering with us to serve the wine and allowing Stacey to do the serving.  Thanks also to:

  • Jeanette Holman
  • Karen & Nigel Long
  • Jodie Goldstein
  • Stacey from CB Brewing
  • Marcia Feldman
  • Jenny and Joel Grimes
  • Joel Grosser
  • Dennis Ryan
  • Susan and Lee from Hawthorn Mercantile

And of course our on air staff of volunteers:

  • Dave Loudin
  • Jack Mortimer
  • Bill Calder
  • Tom Larson
  • Dave Tucker


In addition to being a lot of fun, the event was also a financial success.  Not only did we take in $2541 on Friday night, but the event rekindled interest on our Go Fund Me site, resulting in several more donations.  Our new total as of this writing is $16.091, amazingly close to our goal of $17,000



For those who missed it, here are some photos of the event courtesy of Risdon Photography


On air volunteers Dave, Bill and Jack reviewing some technical notes.


Jodie & Donna


Stacy & Jodie


Dave giving a studio tour.

Ted & Dave banter on air.  That new mixer looks great!


Martie from Your Care Partners and Susan from Hawthorn Mercantile.


All photos courtesy of Risdon Photography

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