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Tell me your birthday, and I’ll know all your secrets. Took a bunch of astrology lessons a long time ago, and I can still read an astrological birth-chart pretty well!

A friend once said the best word to describe me is “iconoclastic.” We’re no longer friends, but it remains my favorite compliment ever.

Critters, good books, delightful conversations, delicious food…these are a few of my favorite things. I used to love wine, especially dry reds, but my maturing body has rejected all of them. Now I settle for silver tequila and Irish whiskey.

Music…it’s part of the fabric of our lives. Is there any culture that doesn’t celebrate life’s joys and mourn its tragedies without music? It’s a constant in my life; even my dreams have a soundtrack (usually pop songs).

My musical tastes are eclectic, which is why I love WWER so much. It’s like a jukebox with an unending playlist full of surprises, and I’m thrilled to host The Takeout!

And I love Colonial Beach. I’ve strolled on the beach and walked the peninsula, puttered around town in the back of a golf cart, eaten at its fine establishments. It’s a lovely community and I’m happy to be a small part of it.

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