Spring Schedule

Written by on March 31, 2021

This weekend we debut our Spring schedule!  We’re always trying to improve WWER and keep things interesting and this schedule change represents that.  Here are some highlights:

  • Saturday at 8PM – X Minus One – A weekly Sci Fi radio drama from the 1950’s.  Turn off the TV and use your mind to remember how people were entertained by drama on the radio!
  • Our friends at the CB Playhouse are actively working on a new radio drama, and when it is ready, we will run it Saturday at 8PM. Duke Dodson has signed up to be the sponsor of the new production!
  • Sunday at 5PM – Beach Breeze and Grooves is expanding to 2 hours.  It will now start Sunday at 5PM instead of 6.
  • Sunday at 9PM – Calder’s Collection will be added to our Sunday night lineup at 9PM.  If you haven’t heard Bill’s show, please give it a try.  It’s hard to describe, but the best word I can use for it would be “Orchestral”.  Bill has a great collection of music that he shares each week.  Whether it’s the soundtrack from Star Wars or the Moody Blues in concert, Bill will entertain you!
  • Monday at 9PM – The Blue Bus – Forest adds to his shows on WWER with a new entry Monday night at 9PM.  Each week the Blue Bus has a new destination sign for an eclectic musical ride.  Underground radio at its best.
  • Tuesday at 8PM – Rider’s Radio Theater – A weekly romp through country music, comedy and a story to follow.
  • Thursday at 8PM – Our talk shows – We found our weekly production schedule to be a bit daunting for an all volunteer crew.  We’re going to reduce the schedule to once  a month, and rotate shows weekly.  Porch Talk, Town Matters, Outcasting and a new show called Talk of the Town will all run Thursday at 8PM to fill out the month.
  • We’re also adding more music, both new and old.  It’s good to freshen up the music now and then!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us.  The response to our request of people to display lawn signs showing WWER has been wonderful!  88.1FM signs are sprouting all over Colonial Beach and spreading the word!  For those of us who have been involved with the station from the start, it’s hard to imagine that there is anyone who has not heard about WWER yet, but there are actually a lot of CB citizens that we have not reached yet.  The signs are a way to spread the word to resident’s and tourists alike.


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