Victim of our own success

Written by on February 5, 2021

Our broadcast of “Incident at the Bell House” proved to be our single most popular broadcast so far!  While we can’t measure how many people are listening on their radios, we can see how many are streaming the station through our website.  The numbers of listeners for Bell House were the highest I have seen.  We had a peak of 54 streams the first night, and 77 streams the second night!   But it did wreak some havoc with our web site.  On both Tuesday and Friday evening, the extra traffic crashed our web site!  I managed to restore it quickly, but it was frustrating.  Thankfully, the stream comes from a different provider, so listening was not interrupted.

My hope is that as we continue to grow and gain popularity, our web site will get even more traffic, so we need to be pro-active about this. I’ve long been unhappy with the performance of our web site hosting company.  On Thursday, we moved our web site to a new host and a better level of service.  As a reader, you should not notice any change, except perhaps that our web site loads faster!  Please do let me know if you discover any issues.

If you missed “Incident at the Bell House”, it will air one more time on Saturday night at 8PM.

Thanks for listening!

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