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This week on Your Care Partners  Jill White and Martie Allman have a casual conversation about quality of life for caregivers and persons being cared for.  They also talk about Journaling – an important tool to document the day’s events to share with all caregivers, family and/or friends who may be part of the process. […]

Tonight at 8PM tune to 88.1FM for the next installment of Your Care Partners on WWER.  This week’s topic is “Are they safe at home”.  Martie and Jill discuss ways to create a safer environment and how to make traveling easier for someone dealing with physical challenges and/or cognitive decline. You can hear it Thursday at 8PM, […]

This week, WWER gets more involved with Colonial Beach schools.  You may have already heard the announcements on air summarizing what’s going on this week at the schools.  With the cooperation of students and faculty, we hope to run these each week.  They run at the top of the hour. Also this week, we present […]

Happy New Year to our wonderful listeners!  We’re excited to introduce you to our newest show – Your Care Partners, Navigating care for others. Experienced professional caregivers Jill White and Martie Allman have casual conversations about care, offering advice and tips to help navigate caring for others. We’re going to start by running it every […]

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