Talk of the Town

The title for this week’s studio update is about light.  Our new window has been installed, letting daylight in.  Inside, our new lights have been installed and wired so we have light at night.  The walls and ceiling have also been painted, so it’s really starting to look like a welcoming space for our volunteers […]

Some of you may have already noticed that we have not been airing our usual talk shows lately.  They usually air Thursday at 8PM and Saturday at 9AM.  We have halted production of Town Matters, Talk of the Town and Porch Talk.  The reason – not enough volunteers or time.  All of these shows take […]

Happy 21st of September.  I hope everyone is ready for Bikefest weekend! Our talk show this week is Talk of the Town.  This week we speak with some Colonial Beach residents who are trying to bring Community Heart and Soul to Colonial Beach.  The Colonial Beach Community Foundation is part of the effort.  You may […]

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