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Written by on May 8, 2020

We’re always trying to improve what’s on WWER.  A few months ago, we decided it was time to give our sound a Spring cleaning.  On Sunday, we will flip the switch on those changes!  Rest assured that we are not dramatically changing who we are.  This is more of a course correction.  We will continue to play the very wide variety of music that folks have told us they love, with some minor changes to what you hear when, and the rollout of our Beach Mix on weekends.  I know we are ALL ready for Summer!

Our goals were simple:

  • Streamline the schedule.
  • Reduce the repetition of shows and songs.
  • Add more shows that inform.

Now our specialty music shows all run at 9PM weeknights and again at 4 or 5AM.

Our talk shows will run at 8PM weeknights.  Outcasting, and the very popular Porch Talk continue, and we are adding a new show “Town Matters” where we catch up with town leaders.  The first episode will debut Tuesday at 8PM where I talk to our Town Manager Quinn Robertson about what happens next during the COVID-19 crisis.  I also did a Porch Talk with him, so if you ever wanted to know more about the man, tune in Monday night at 8PM.

We hope you enjoy the changes.  Keep listening and let us know what you think!  We will continue to bring you updates on town business, COVID-19 and other important matters while entertaining you with our music.

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