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The response to our request for folks to display WWER lawn signs has been great!  We have less than 10 left! I confess it is very gratifying to ride around in my golf cart and see all of the signs proudly displayed at homes and businesses in Colonial Beach!  Thanks to everyone for supporting us!  […]

More new music in our daytime playlists on Tuesday.  We hope you’re enjoying the updated mix.  Tuesday night, more new shows in our lineup: 8PM – Rider’s Radio Theater – A fun half hour of country, bluegrass and a story!  Performed by Riders in the Sky. The series was initially recorded in at the Johnson […]

Spring is here, and so are our new lawn signs!  We hope to see them sprouting like Spring flowers all over Colonial Beach, letting friends, neighbors and visitors know you “Listen like a local” to 88.1FM!  To get yours, juts drop me a line and we’ll arrange it – [email protected] Special thanks to Karen and […]

Join us for our next team meeting Saturday, Feb. 27 at 11AM… Catch up on what WWER is doing. This meeting is for anyone interested – current volunteers, new volunteers, or interested citizens.  Use the link below to join.

I often get asked, especially by our underwriters, if we know how many listeners we have.  The short answer is no.  It is very difficult to track who is listening to the radio at any given moment.  But companies like Nielsen attempt to do exactly that.  They do it in a variety of ways and […]

I wanted to remind you about a very special program we are featuring this week. Normally, the CB Playhouse puts on several live shows a year for audiences. With COVID still raging, they haven’t been able to do so, and decided instead to write and produce a radio play especially for broadcast on WWER! We […]

We’re back.  Thanks for your patience!

Hi folks, I’m sorry to report that we are having some issues with our streaming service.  We are working to resolve the issue with our service provider.  Thanks for your patience!

It’s been a rough year for all of us, including non-profits like the Foundation and WWER!  We did not get to do a lot of the event fundraising that happens in the Summer.  We didn’t get to go to events.  Some of our Underwriters from last year could not afford to renew this year. It’s […]

2020 has been one hell of a year….   or perhaps I should phrase that as a year of Hell.  It’s not over either, as COVID cases surge once again and new restrictions have gone into effect.  We’ve all been affected by events in multiple ways, most of them bad. But still, there are always things […]

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