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Happy MLK weekend to all of our listeners.  I wanted to let you know that the problems we were having earlier with our stream (for listeners online using Alexa, Roku, etc.) have been resolved.  If you restart your stream now it will sound much better!  Thanks for your patience!

Our Underwriting announcements are a major source of funding for WWER.  We greatly appreciate the local businesses who have chosen to Underwrite WWER programming, but we were concerned that listeners might think we have too many of our thank-you’s on air, so we asked…   It’s clear from the comments that you recognize how important […]

2022 is coming.  Are you ready?  Do you care?   It’s been another difficult year for everyone with COVID ups and downs.  We got a taste of normalcy with some fun events this year, and mask rules relaxing, only to have Omicron show up.  For WWER, we have managed to continue to present music and […]

Next on our survey, we wanted to get some insight into how and why you listen.  We know we don’t have a lot of online listeners (although this number is growing), and the survey showed that most of our listeners use good old fashioned radios. We also wanted to know what you like most about […]

Now that we have explored people who don’t listen, let’s move on to the important part – the folks who do!  As part of our survey, we wanted to know who our listeners are and when they like to listen. Who is listening? We asked about your age, but we had some fun and let […]

The survey results are in, and we want to share them with you.  This is the first in a series of blogs where we will share the results with you and some of our responses. The first, most basic question we asked is if you actually listen to WWER.  We tried to spread the survey […]

When the opportunity to get the FM license for WWER first came my way over 2 years ago, I needed to find a non-profit willing to take on the responsibility.  Thankfully, the Colonial Beach Community Foundation was willing to do so.  Thus, the new WWER was born!  The Foundation’s two requirements were that I run […]

We have another supply of lawn signs for you to proudly display!  The last batch went quickly, but we decided to wait until after election time to make the next batch available.  So now you can remove that old election sign and replace it with a WWER sign!  Nobody likes seeing those old candidate signs […]

When we went on air in 2019, we surveyed the community to see what you wanted in your radio station.  After 2+ years on air, we wanted to do that again to see what you like and don’t like about what we are doing.  We are ever aware that this is a community station, meant […]

We turned it off and back on again, so now it works! If you’re listening on the stream, there may be some additional interruptions today as we work on it to try to make it more reliable.  Thanks for your patience and support!

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