Rainy Days

Written by on May 5, 2019

Do rainy days make you want to listen to the radio?  I hope so.  As I write this, it is pouring in Colonial Beach – again!  Seems like a good time to be sitting on the porch listening to the radio!  We are hard at work coming up with show ideas that we hope you will enjoy.  If all goes to plan, we will be on the air in about a month!  I just had a call from the FCC this week about progress on our application, so I know things have not stalled.

Tom Larson and our volunteers have been coming up with ideas for shows, and starting to develop them.  Some of our volunteers have already started recording pilot shows as a test.  If you’d like to see some of the ideas we are working on, check out the new shows page on our web site. We’ll update this as we develop more new shows.  For now, it has the ones we are currently working on.  We continue to receive ideas from you as well, and develop the ones we can.  If you have ideas, especially ones you can do yourself, please get in touch!  As we get closer to our on air date, we will publish a schedule.

In addition to full length shows, we plan to have lots of short form items like community news – Local News items from our friends at Westmoreland News, local Colonial Beach Weather, and Community Calendar updates on events going on in and around Colonial Beach.

Something for everyone is what we hope to provide on WWER – good for rainy days or sunny beach days!



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