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Written by on September 19, 2020

If you’ve tuned in for one of your favorite shows and not heard it, or heard a repeat show, we apologize.  The sudden death of Charlie Wilson has left us scrambling to fill all of the jobs he did.  Charlie not only took care of the care and feeding of our automation system, he also produced several shows each week.  Some of those shows will be removed from our schedule permanently, some temporarily until we can find more volunteers to help out with producing them.  There has also been the knock-on effect that I have had to stop producing some of my shows while I deal with the more immediate issue of keeping us on the air in Charlie’s absence.  He did a lot behind the scenes.

Here’s a rundown of shows affected:

  • Oasis – This was Charlie’s show, produced from his personal record collection.  I don’t think it will be coming back.
  • Calder’s Classical – Charlie helped Bill produce this show.  Until we can find some studio help for Bill, this will be on hiatus.
  • Porch Talk – The extra workload on me means I don’t have time to produce new episodes.  We will run repeat shows for now.  Volunteers are being sought to help make new shows.  If you are interested in doing some, please email me [email protected].
  • Town Matters – As with Porch Talk, I don’t have time to produce new ones right now.  Because these are more time sensitive, Town Matters will go on hiatus.  If you would like to help, please reach out. 
  • The Beat Goes on – We’ve had a few reruns of these, but hope to get back on track with new shows very soon.
  • Musical Starstreams – We’ve had a few reruns of these.  We are back on track with a new episode this weekend.



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