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Written by on March 31, 2019

Thanks again to all those who attended our first meeting.  I think the lovely weather may have kept some people outside instead of in a meeting, but those who attended had a nice discussion of what lies ahead.   We had a nice mix of people with some skills that we will need for WWER.  We also had a nice mix of discussion topics ranging from how to raise money to what kind of programming to have on air.

Most of the people who attended the meeting have already filled out the volunteer form on our web site (lower right of home page) but if you haven’t, please do so!  It’s the best way to get into our database of volunteers so we don’t lose touch with you.  I am in the process of trying to match volunteers to tasks that need doing, and this will be an ongoing process as we move forward.  So when you fill out the form, please mention any relevant skills you may have or your area of interest.

For now, the best thing everyone can do for us is talk about the radio station idea to your friends and neighbors.  Send them to the WWER web page, and encourage them to fill in the volunteer form as you did so that we get their contact info into the database I am creating.  Be sure to keep coming back here for updates as well.  I hope to post here regularly so that everyone is informed on our progress.

Very soon I hope to have some kind of a link where people will be able to donate online.  That will be key to creating a stable environment for us to work from. Without money we won’t survive. 

What came out of our meeting:

  • We  had people  interested in programming and music.  I hope to have Tom, Joe and Dave work on a preliminary program schedule.
  • We had people interested in fundraising and marketing.  I hope that Nick will be able to get some things going for us in that area.
  • We had Suzy from the Colonial Beach Free Press attend.  I hope we will be able to work together to exchange information and have cross promotion.
  • We talked about our role within the Colonial Beach Community Foundation and the synergy we can create with them and other town non-profit groups.  If you know of any that might like to work with us, let me know.
  • We talked about the town schools and how we might work with them.  We are hoping to start a dialog with them.
  • We debuted our WWER T-Shirts!  For $25 you can support and promote our new venture.  At the moment we only have Medium and Large.  If you want one, reach out to me directly.  Wear them proudly!


Thanks again for spending your Saturday morning with me!



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