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This week’s episode of the Early Jazz Music Review (Sunday at 7pm, Wednesday at 9pm) features the music of Butch Thompson who passed away a few weeks ago.  Butch Thompson was the piano player for the Prairie Home Companion for many years on NPR and was well known for his recordings of Jelly Roll Morton’s […]

Our broadcast and internet stream are both back online!

Our studio internet service provider (Breezeline) has informed us that there has been a fiber break which is causing an outage that is affecting our service.  It’s probably affecting you too.  Unfortunately, this is the only way we have to get our music and programs from the studio to the transmitter.  It is also how […]


August 25, 2022

Tune in to the Beach Breeze and Grooves this Sunday 5-7pm on WWER.  This week is our August theme show.  We will be playing song covers with the same playlist in both hour number 1 and hour number 2 but by different artists. Spend your Sunday evening with some Beach music to get you ready […]

This week’s Early Jazz Music Review includes a special segment on Nichelle Nichols who passed away July 30, 2022.  You will remember her as LT. Uhura on the original Star Trek series. If you’re a real Trek fan, you might remember that she sang in several Star Trek episodes and one of the movies.    […]

If you listen to WWER on an FM radio, you probably noticed some problems we were having.  The same songs repeating, and some other issues.  I’m happy to say we managed to restore things back to normal on Sunday afternoon.  So don’t be afraid to turn your radio back on! We had an equipment problem […]

We are having problems at our transmitter site.  If you’re listening on FM radio you may hear silence or the same songs over and over.  That is our emergency backup playlist.  We are working to resolve it, but it may take some time. Our online stream is working properly so you may want to listen […]

After they air, we add our local shows to our online archive.  Here are the latest additions…          

Happy 4th!  This weekend we have a few specials for you: Saturday at 8:30PM Craig Jennings hosts a 70’s Disco Party.  Bring back memories of bell bottoms and boogie! Sunday at 5PM Craig is at it again, with his Beach Breeze and Grooves show.  This week marks 2 years on air for Craig! Sunday at […]

Join us Saturday night for a ride back into the disco 70’s!  Craig Jennings hosts, starting at 8:30 after X-1.  

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