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We’ve noticed a problem for users of Amazon devices for listening to WWER. Saying “Play WWER” has suddenly stopped working (as of Tuesday morning). We have brought this to their attention and hope they will resolve the issue. In the meantime, we have determined that saying “Play WWER FM” will work correctly. So if you’re […]

The title for this week’s studio update is about light.  Our new window has been installed, letting daylight in.  Inside, our new lights have been installed and wired so we have light at night.  The walls and ceiling have also been painted, so it’s really starting to look like a welcoming space for our volunteers […]

Let the good times roll! That’s the phrase our New Orleans friends use this time of year!  You may have noticed that we have added some New Orleans music to the mix in honor of Mardi Gras.  If you want more, tune in for this week’s Perfect Hour, when host Donna Ryan (who is from […]

The construction crew has made excellent progress this week!  The new roof was installed and had its first test Saturday night when yet another heavy rain came through Colonial Beach!  Wiring for lighting and HVAC has been installed, and the insulation and drywall are up.  It’s really starting to look like a nice place to […]

Our new door arrived and has been installed!  Looks a lot better than the old one…   And we have a big hole in the wall where our new window is going…     We hope to complete basic construction in February and start broadcasting from our new studio some time in March.  We’re already […]

This week after visiting our construction site, I am reminded of that old saying “One step forward, two steps back” (it was also a song by John Sebastian in the 70’s).  We made good progress on our electrical work this week.  But when the rain storms came again, we learned that some roof patching we […]

Sometimes I think we don’t give enough thanks to our Underwriters.  You can also think of them as Sponsors.  They are the local businesses and organizations who have donated money to WWER to help us stay on air.  Most of them are very small and don’t have a lot of cash to spare, but still […]

I’m happy to report that we are making excellent progress on both the construction front and the fundraising front!  On Saturday I met with the builder to see the work so far.  Framing for the new walls is nearly complete.  We just await the arrival of the new window and door to complete that work.  […]

Studio construction has begun!  Not much to see yet, but there the box on the wall is for our electric meter which means wiring is under way.  We have also placed orders for a new door (the one in the photo is looking pretty bad) and a window. Fundraising continues as well, with another $350 […]

Some of you may have already noticed that we have not been airing our usual talk shows lately.  They usually air Thursday at 8PM and Saturday at 9AM.  We have halted production of Town Matters, Talk of the Town and Porch Talk.  The reason – not enough volunteers or time.  All of these shows take […]

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