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Join us for our next team meeting Saturday, Feb. 27 at 11AM… Catch up on what WWER is doing. This meeting is for anyone interested – current volunteers, new volunteers, or interested citizens.  Use the link below to join.

I often get asked, especially by our underwriters, if we know how many listeners we have.  The short answer is no.  It is very difficult to track who is listening to the radio at any given moment.  But companies like Nielsen attempt to do exactly that.  They do it in a variety of ways and […]

In case you missed it, the CB Playhouse original drama Incident at the Bell House is now available online.  Just click the link.

Bill Calder is back. Listen Monday night at 9PM for “Calder’s Collection”, an eclectic mix of tunes. Movie soundtracks, classical, rock…. You never know what Bill will grab from his collection. Bill doesn’t restrict himself to one ‘category’ of music. It’s all stuff he likes. Join us for “Calder’s Collection” Monday at 9PM and again […]

Once a bit of an eyesore, the Colonial Beach water tower is once again a true landmark that welcomes people to our town! This being Winter, you may not have been outside to look up and see it. But our friends at Risdon Photo not only ventured out, but took a great drone video of […]

Our broadcast of “Incident at the Bell House” proved to be our single most popular broadcast so far!  While we can’t measure how many people are listening on their radios, we can see how many are streaming the station through our website.  The numbers of listeners for Bell House were the highest I have seen.  […]

As your community radio station, we want to know more about you, and the music you love!  Music is such an important part of our lives.  Everyone has their favorite songs.  Those songs that you can hear over and over again and never get tired of.  Those songs that always make you want to turn […]

I wanted to remind you about a very special program we are featuring this week. Normally, the CB Playhouse puts on several live shows a year for audiences. With COVID still raging, they haven’t been able to do so, and decided instead to write and produce a radio play especially for broadcast on WWER! We […]

I wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who attended our new volunteers meeting today.  I hope it was helpful and informative.  It was also good to see so many of our current volunteers and show producers on the call.  As I mentioned, please feel free to follow up with me directly […]

Here’s a reminder to join us this Saturday!  Have you thought about volunteering for WWER but were afraid that you don’t have the right skills?  Maybe you just never ‘got around’ to emailing us or calling?  We want to fix that! On Saturday 11AM we will hold a virtual orientation meeting to show you just how […]

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