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We post on our website and Facebook regularly, but we know that you don’t always have time to check them for the latest program updates and you might miss a show you wanted to hear!  So, we are starting a new email list so you can receive updates directly to your inbox.  If you would […]

Our February edition of porch talk moves to the closed in porch of Caryn Self Sullivan as she speaks with Antwan Smith.  Antwan is a native of Colonial Beach who is drawn to a life of service – Police Officer, President of the volunteer fire department and more.  Tune in to hear him talk with […]


January 27, 2022

This month on Talk of the Town, we speak with the owners of the newest gathering place in Colonial Beach – The Icehouse Brewery, restaurant and marina!  Find out about how their opening weekend went and their plans for the future of this new venue. Tonight (Thursday) at 8PM and Saturday at 9AM on WWER! […]

A while back, there was a post in a social media group about our “Outcasting” program on WWER. The person posting called the idea of an LGBTQ show for young people ‘nefarious’ and questioned why such a show would be on WWER. As with many social media interactions, the responses went off on a variety […]

We’ve added 2 new shows to our online archive.  If you missed the Porch Talk with Margie Staples or Town Matters with the Colonial Beach Community Foundation you can now find them online.  We add our talk shows to the archive after they have been on air.  The upcoming schedule of talk shows is available […]

Looks like another batch of snow is headed our way.  Colonial Beach has enacted the snow emergency routes.  Cars parked on those road could be towed.  See the town website for a map of those roads – Town Hall offices will be closed on Monday, January 17, 2022, in observance of Martin Luther King […]

Happy MLK weekend to all of our listeners.  I wanted to let you know that the problems we were having earlier with our stream (for listeners online using Alexa, Roku, etc.) have been resolved.  If you restart your stream now it will sound much better!  Thanks for your patience!

This month on Town Matters we speak with Eric Nelson, former President of the Foundation and Michele Inderrieden newly elected President about what the Foundation does to make Colonial Beach a better place.  Long time listeners may already know that the Foundation was instrumental in creating WWER.  We are just one of many success stories […]

Our Underwriting announcements are a major source of funding for WWER.  We greatly appreciate the local businesses who have chosen to Underwrite WWER programming, but we were concerned that listeners might think we have too many of our thank-you’s on air, so we asked…   It’s clear from the comments that you recognize how important […]

Tonight we have a couple of interesting shows for you.  At 8PM tune in for Porch Talk.  This week, WWER volunteer Sam Triandos talks to Margie Staples who talks about her life and the old days in Colonial Beach.  Porch Talk will also air Saturday morning at 9AM. At 11PM it’s another Perfect Hour.  This […]

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