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Written by on November 13, 2021

When the opportunity to get the FM license for WWER first came my way over 2 years ago, I needed to find a non-profit willing to take on the responsibility.  Thankfully, the Colonial Beach Community Foundation was willing to do so.  Thus, the new WWER was born!  The Foundation’s two requirements were that I run it for them (they knew nothing about running a radio station), and that eventually WWER become an independent non-profit.

COVID slowed us down a bit, but a new 501c3 non-profit called Colonial Beach Community RADIO was formed and with the filing of paperwork with the FCC and some documents signed,  the license of WWER is now held by CBCR.  Since myself and the same team of volunteers is running WWER, nothing will change in our operations.

But I do want to take this opportunity to thank Eric Nelson and the entire Foundation board of directors for being the incubator that created WWER.  Without their support of both money and volunteers, WWER would not have gotten on the air.  The Foundation does so many great things in Colonial Beach, often with little recognition.  So this is a quick thank you in writing.

To help highlight the great work that the Foundation does, I plan to do an interview to discuss how WWER was started, and other projects of the Foundation, past, present and future.  That discussion will air in late December.

While WWER is no longer under the wings of the Foundation, we certainly plan to work hand in hand with them on making Colonial Beach a better place for everyone!



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