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Written by on December 8, 2019

It’s our first season for WWER and we have a few nice things planned.  But before I mention them, I wanted to let you know that we’ve been doing work to make our signal more reliable.  Our studio to transmitter link is now more reliable than it was, and we have a backup system in place for when the link goes down.  That new backup proved itself Sunday afternoon when there was a power failure in downtown CB and on the point.  Our signal stayed on the air the entire time.

Now, on to the Holidays.  We’ve been easing into the season and not rushing it. I’m a traditionalist and made sure we were not playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  We started with some Winter themed songs before Thanksgiving, like “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and on to actual Christmas music as part of our overall mix after Thanksgiving.

This week Dave Tucker has produced a very special edition of the Early Jazz Music Review.  It’s full of some really wonderful old radio broadcasts from Christmases long ago.  The recordings during WWII were particularly fascinating and poignant to listen to.  I urge you to give this week’s show a listen (follow the link for air times).

We will continue with a mix of our regular music and Christmas music until Christmas Eve, when we will go all Christmas music for 48 hours Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We’ll also repeat Dave’s special Early Jazz Music Review in case you missed it, and may have a few other surprises as well.

Please join us on New Year’s Eve for a special party mix of music starting 8PM, with a countdown to midnight and the party continuing until 3AM!  So turn up your radio on 88.1FM and rock your way into the new year with us!

New Year’s Day will mark 6 months of WWER being on the air as Colonial Beach Community Radio and we are so excited for the year ahead!

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