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Monday marks the start of our new weekday lineup on our schedule.  We’ve broken the day up into shows which each feature a slightly different mix of music.  It’s all still from our wide ranging library, but each one will have a slightly different flavor.  This will create even greater variety throughout the day.  Here is the basic lineup:

  • Midnight begins the Nightwatch.  It’s a mostly Adult contemporary mix.
  • At 4AM we run this week’s Early Jazz Music Review for the first time.  If you’re not an early bird, you can catch it Wednesday evening at 9PM.
  • At 6AM we start The Morning Buzz.  It’s the same mix you’re used to, we just decided to give it a name and add a new voice – Ray Richards hosting.
  • At 9AM you can join me at the Water Cooler –  an office friendly mix of music for your work day.
  • At Noon enjoy your lunch with KC on  The Takeout.  It’s just a bit more upbeat.
  • By 3PM, we’re into the Home Stretch to the end of the work day with Tom Larson.  Here we add 80’s & 90’s music to the mix.
  • At 5PM make your way home to the sound of Drivetime Classics – with more classic rock added to the mix.
  • At 8PM each week night you will hear one of our talk shows.  We’re adding some new ones and we hope you like them. On Mondays it’s the very popular Porch Talk.
  • At 9PM we debut a new show for classical music lovers – Calder’s Classical.
  • At 11PM you will hear the first airing of this week’s Vinyl University.

It looks like a lot of changes, but really it’s just an adjustment to the mix of music and giving names to shows.  I’ll give you a synopsis each day this week so you can learn about our schedule changes.  We hope you enjoy the new shows we have created.  If you’d like to let us know what you think, please feel free to call our listener line 804-214-6226 or email [email protected].

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