New Transmitter!

Written by on October 15, 2022

Do we sound louder in your car?  Today around 12:37PM we made final connections and powered up our new transmitter!  We’re broadcasting with the same power, but one of the features of the transmitter is better audio processing.  This will make us sound louder and cleaner on your FM radio.  We’re very excited at having better quality sound on air!

It’s been a long time coming, as installing the new transmitter came with some technical challenges.  But we conquered each of them and finally got it on air.  Thanks again to donor Sam Triantos who gave us the money to purchase the new transmitter!  We will keep the old one on site as a backup.



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  1. Dave Loudin   On   November 12, 2022 at 7:55 pm

    Chief tinkerer and weatherman Dave here. Hopefully, you’ve noticed that we are even louder this afternoon. After going through the “What does this knob do?” process, I finally found the setting that gives us the maximum on-air volume. So, we are squeezing the most out of our 100 watts now.

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