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This week, our talk show is Talk of the Town – things to do and places to go in and around Colonial Beach.  Tune in Thursday evening at 8pm or Saturday morning at 9AM for the next in our Wanderlove series, featuring our own Colonial Beach Brewing.

Have you heard the Perfect Hour yet?  It’s music chosen by our listeners.  This week, we are playing the perfect hour playlist of Cathy Bokman.  You can hear some of Cathy’s favorite tunes Thursday night at 11PM and Saturday morning at 11AM. Cathy gets to program WWER for an hour, and you can too!  Just […]

We turned it off and back on again, so now it works! If you’re listening on the stream, there may be some additional interruptions today as we work on it to try to make it more reliable.  Thanks for your patience and support!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do a post like this.  That silence you hear at 88.1FM is a new technical problem for us.  We are investigating the cause and hope to be back on soon.

New additions to our online archive of previously aired shows – Part 2 of the very popular Porch Talk show with Sandy Scroggs   Part 1 of Town Matters with Mayor Robin Schick, talking about small business incentives in Colonial Beach.  Part 2 of that interview will air September 9 at 8PM  and Sept. 11 […]

Monday night, the Blue Bus route sign reads ‘BANNED BY THE BBC!’ As Forest & Cambridge the Cat shared tunes that the BBC decided to protect their listeners from. It’s nice to know our friends across the pond had such a thoughtful nanny network in place to preserve their honor and dignity!   Catch it […]

This week on Town Matters listen to part 1 of our conversation with Mayor Robin Schick about the many financial incentives available to small businesses.  Colonial Beach is actively trying to become a more business friendly town and recently passed some new legislation toward that goal.  Mayor Schick explains what these incentives are and how […]

Looking for a Porch Talk or other show that you missed on air?  About once a month, we archive our shows after they air so you can still listen.  Just look for them on our archive page.  Our July shows are up, including these recent additions:

Sandy is a long time resident of Colonial Beach who founded the Facebook group Memories of Colonial Beach.  She has so many memories and stories to tell our interviewer Sam Triantos, that we decided it deserved an hour!  Part 1 is now on our archive page in case you missed last week’s broadcast, and you can […]

Our 4 different talk shows are produced once a month and presented the same week of each month Thursday at 8PM and Saturday at 9AM. Week 1 – Porch Talk Week 2 – Town Matters Week 3 – Outcasting Week 4 – Talk of the Town So what happens when we have a 5th week?  […]

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