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Written by on April 10, 2019

Last night, I made a presentation to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation (our parent organization) about our progress so far.  They seem as excited as some of you about the prospect of our little town having it’s own radio station, and want to help.  I explained to them what we have accomplished so far, what we still need to do, and what some of my concerns are.  I thought it would be a good idea to outline some of them for you as well!

Where we stand:

  • FCC paperwork is filed and we are waiting on the result of that.  Expected in May.
  • Programming is being looked at by Tom Larson and others.  Our overall theme is “Something for Everyone”.  If you would like to help Tom, or have program ideas, please reach out to him.
  • Grants are a possible source of money.  We have a person looking into this, but welcome others.
  • We need underwriting.  We need to develop a policy about this, costs, and start reaching out to local groups and businesses to get them to donate!  This is probably the most important way for us to raise money!  If you are willing to give it a try, please get in touch!  Underwriting is when a business donates money to the station and we mention their business on the air.  There are very specific rules about what we can and cannot say (think NPR announcements).
  • We are looking at creating a new non-profit that will eventually take the responsibility of the station away from the Foundation.  If you have experience in creating non-profits, legal matters, by-laws and structure, etc. we need you too!

If you want to help with any of these, email [email protected] and I will put you in touch.


Once the ownership of the license transfers to the Foundation, the bills will start coming in.  There are ongoing expenses to having this, whether the station is broadcasting or not.  That’s why we need to raise money and get more volunteers now!  Of course, we do want to start broadcasting as soon as possible too.  Hearing the station is probably the best way to get people interested.

For the immediate future, I think the priorities and money and more volunteers.  We need to spread the word about this.  There are 3 upcoming events where we will need volunteers to do just that.  Basically we need people to man a booth to talk about the station, recruit more volunteers and try to get donations.  The dates for these events will be:

  • April 20 – Earth Day 1-4pm
  • May 11 – CBCF picnic 6pm
  • June 1 – Cinema on the green event

If you want to help with any of these, email [email protected] and I will put you in touch.  

We need coordinators for the above events.  We also still have many  key positions in need of filling.  Have a look at our team page to see if there is a position you could fill.




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