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Written by on June 27, 2024

You did it! – And it’s a good thing!  You donated generously and made sure we could pay for our new WWER studio!  Shortly after writing my blog entry Monday about being nearly there, we received a donation to bring us ‘over the top’ to our final goal of $17,000 – “Bingo!”.  The donor in question has not only given before, but also volunteers for us!  That’s the kind of dedication we have, and it is very appreciated.

Later that same day (Monday) I had the opportunity to host BINGO night at The Icehouse Brewery.   It was a log of fun to tell folks about WWER and then call the BINGO numbers.  I saw a lot of familiar faces, and most of the audience already knew about WWER, so I started my talk by asking how many people in the audience DIDN’T already know about WWER.  Only one hand went up.  I kept my introduction speech brief and got right to the BINGO fun.  We gave away WWER T-Shirts to the winners and other goodies to everyone who attended.

Between rounds, we passed the bucket around and raised $438.  As soon as I announced the total, somebody else chipped in another $12 to bring us ‘over the top’ to a nice, round $450 – “Bingo!”.   I was amazed once again at the generosity of everyone.  Thanks to everyone (especially Susan and Chuck from the Icehouse Brewery) for a great time and a successful evening.  I also took the opportunity to show Susan how to play WWER over their sound system when they don’t have live bands.  Listen for WWER the next time you are there.


WWER Volunteers Jennifer Sullivan, Michele Mehrling and Donna Ryan with Ted Tait at BINGO night.


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