Written by on November 26, 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year….   or perhaps I should phrase that as a year of Hell.  It’s not over either, as COVID cases surge once again and new restrictions have gone into effect.  We’ve all been affected by events in multiple ways, most of them bad.

But still, there are always things to be thankful for.  Even if we can’t get together with loved ones this year for our traditional Thanksgiving feasting, we can celebrate and give thanks in smaller ways.  Today is the day we try to look on the bright side and give thanks.  We can still call our loved ones and remind them that we miss them.  Our modern internet allows us to see and talk to those loved ones all over the world.  We can be thankful for that.  If you have managed to stay healthy by being careful, wearing masks, etc. then you can certainly be thankful for your health.  If you’re still employed and able to put food on the table, you can be thankful for that.

It’s different for each of us, and I think we have all faced hardship of one sort or another.  It feels like COVID has affected every person on the planet in a negative way.  Going into the Holiday season, I think we are going to be reminded once again how much we miss hugging.  But for now, we can each find things to be thankful for.   It’s different for each of us, but at least we each have something.  For now, I’m sending a virtual hug to all of our listeners, with thanks for listening to and supporting WWER.  For me, working on WWER projects has been a very helpful distraction from other things going on.

It was a lean Summer donations-wise, but our ongoing WATTS members help us ride out the lean times.  You may not think that giving $5 or $10 a month means much, but it adds up and helps keep us going.  Businesses that have given underwriting donations have kept us going too.  For some of them it’s about getting heard on air to increase business.  For others it’s just giving to a worthy cause, and perhaps a bit of both for others.  We are certainly thankful for each of them.

And finally, we are ever hopeful that better times are ahead.  We look forward to seeing how the Dodson development project takes shape, and makes Colonial Beach even more inviting.  We will get through this, and emerge on the other side, thankful that we made it through!

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