Our wonderful 2023 sponsors – Platinum and Gold

Written by on May 25, 2023

The other day, I came to the realization that I don’t give enough credit to our ongoing sponsors.  We call them “Underwriters”, and you hear them mentioned on air all the time.  What you may not realize is how important these local businesses are to keeping WWER on the air.  Underwriting accounts for about 2/3 of our annual budget.  Without our Underwriters, we could not survive.

Many of our underwriters have been with us from our first year of operation, and renew their commitment to WWER each year.  Many of those sponsorships come due in the Summer months, so the arrival of Memorial Day has reminded me that as they renew, we should recognize them here for their unwavering commitment.  So far, the following underwriters have recently renewed with us:

Platinum level

Hawthorn Mercantile – Hawthorn opened in 2021 and immediately became an underwriter at our highest level.  Their support has been strong and we plan to work even more closely with them on a new project.  Watch for further announcements as this work proceeds!

Mary Washington Healthcare – Joined us in early 2020 and has renewed each year in January since then.


Gold level

Rappahannock Community College – Joined our list of loyal sponsors in late 2020.  They are in the process of renewing for 2023 as I write this.


There are more underwriters coming up for renewal this Summer and Fall.  We sincerely hope they will continue to support WWER.  This year we plan to move into a new studio space and that will require continued funding to keep our bills paid.   Underwriters coming up for renewal later this year include



If you know any of these businesses, please let them know how important their contribution is to us and to you for supporting Community radio!  We want to encourage them to renew.

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