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Written by on January 3, 2024

Some of you may have already noticed that we have not been airing our usual talk shows lately.  They usually air Thursday at 8PM and Saturday at 9AM.  We have halted production of Town Matters, Talk of the Town and Porch Talk.  The reason – not enough volunteers or time.  All of these shows take time to plan, record, produce, edit and schedule.  With our studio project running into complications, I decided I needed to concentrate my full attention to that project.  Getting the studio done is the top priority, so something else had to go.

It is my hope that once the studio is built, we will be able to produce these shows again, and get more volunteers to make that happen.  Thanks for your patience while this work happens.  Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping to produce any of these shows when production resumes, please reach out using our contact form on this website.

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